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CallVU develops a visual solution for call centers. With CallVU callers can enjoy a visual interface. Simple, Clear, Bright.sea_phone1

CallVU  is a “touch screen” for your call to call centers. CallVU opens a view for you to see the call from start to end. Menus, interaction with the agent and call wrap up information are conveniently presented on your mobile phone’s screen. All you have to do is call (we will automatically do the rest).

The visual information comes from the very heart of the company you’re calling.
Using CallVU’s interactive Display Response (IDR), the same tool that handles the logic and plays voice prompts (called IVR) gets aunnamed new capability, and now drives the both voice and the visual simultaneous channels. This gives you a complete match of the voice and display, and gives the company you’re calling a single point to maintain and update.

From the operator’s perspective, call center is a huge deal. This is a main gate to the company, the company’s face many times. Telephone service takes a great deal of focus, investment and manpower and is connected to the backbone of the organizational information systems.

maxresdefaultBut, as advanced and well planned as the call center might be, the caller’s experience remained pretty much the same. And taking the caller’s perspective, the experience can defiantly be improve, with all those vocal messages, menus, self-service, the limited tools agent have to explain and assist, having to write down reference numbers and so on.

CallVu 360A service call is a process.

First, you introduce yourself and what you called for in the automated menu, and maybe finding what you looked as self-service.

Then, you wait for an agent. Here, we offer silent wait. Put the phone aside and it will ring when the agent is ready.

When the call is picked up by an agent, the screen is still at your service. Pictures and data can be sent to improve call’s clarity and efficiency.

And even when the call has ended, there’s some more. Call’s summary or a service survey might be sent to your screen. 360 visual call, for you.