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Flowmon Solution

The Flowmon solution integrates flow-based monitoring and network behavior analysis (NBA), providing the ideal solution in assisting network and security administrators to manage, fix, optimize and secure the network.

Compatibility includes both types of networks – physical and virtual. Flowmon Solution is composed of a high performance autonomous flow statistics generating Flowmon Probes, data storage Flowmon Collectors to display and analyze network traffic, Flowmon ADS (Anomaly Detection System) for automatic traffic security and operational incident detection, Flowmon DDoS Defender for volumetric attacks protection, Flowmon APM (Application Performance Monitoring) for HTTP/HTTPS applications and database performance monitoring and Flowmon Traffic Recorder for complete recording of data communication.

HLAVNY-flowmon-triplescreenThe use of network standards such as NetFlow and IPFIX, guarantees system expandability, scalability and easy integration with third party products.

The Flowmon solution provides IP flow-based monitoring to networks from 10 Mbps to 100 Gbps. It provides network monitoring, security, troubleshooting, IP accounting and billing, capacity planning, user and application monitoring, law fulfilling data retention, Network Performance Monitoring (NPM) and more. The Network Behavior Analysis (NBA) module enables automatic detection of operational and security events, undetectable by tools commonly in use (such as traditional network firewalls, antivirus, IDS/IPS).

A plug-and-play, of-the-shelf solution that integrates all modules necessary for network traffic, performance and security monitoring provides quick time to value and increase ROI.

Agentless Performance Monitoring to Drive Application Value

Applications are usually the only part of the IT environment visible to the end users. So that ensuring a high quality user experience is crucial for application-driven business. For years, transaction simulations and software agents on servers were only resource demanding ways how to achieve this. Network traffic monitoring proves that there is a better way how to identify and resolve performance issues and enhance user experience.


Improve troubleshooting, enhance customer experience

High demands on application availability and reliability have made application performance management of crucial importance for every business. Are your critical web applications running smoothly? Are your employees struggling with errors, slow response times or the wrong configuration of branch applications? To answer these questions, IT operations personnel must have detailed information on the true application performance and understand how every application behaves to every user in real-time.

Network traffic monitoring and analysis is an innovative, agent-less approach to application performance monitoring. It provides a deep insight into application characteristics which give a true picture about how every application behaves to every user in real-time. In contrary to the traditional agent-based approach, it provides IT pros with:

  • Independency on platform, operating system or target application
  • Transparent solution with no influence on the application and infrastructure
  • Deployment in a matter of minutes
  • Affordable solution with rational and controlled costs


Flowmon solution delivers clever, agent-less application monitoring to all sorts of businesses. Whenever they face availability issues, slow response times, bottlenecks or configuration errors of their critical applications, Flowmon APM provides them with immediate detection capabilities and all the necessary features for successful troubleshooting. For all users, for all transactions, Flowmon APM delivers detailed information on the true performance of modern applications to drive their value.

Get the benefits of FLOWMON APM

  • Advanced network traffic analysis technology to drive application value
  • Unique APM index concept – one number expressing application performance in terms of meeting SLA
  • Quick time-to-value with a pre-configured set of tools and reports
  • Application monitoring with reasonable costs and cloud delivery support
  • Easy installation and intuitive UX to simplify administration
  • Ultimate tool to distinguish between application, network and database related issues

Network Behavior Analysis & Anomaly Detection

The rise of unknown malware compromising internal systems, devastating DDoS attacks, APTs and threats bypassing traditional security have changed the IT security landscape. Building perimeter walls and relying on signature based solutions is not enough anymore. Only a detailed awareness of network behavior and a proactive fight against cyber threats can give control over the IT environment back to administrators.

Produkt_Flowmon_kolektorProactive security to reveal threats undetectable by other technologies

Most companies rely on legacy IT systems, consisting of perimeter security and endpoint protection. However, they dismiss the significant infrastructure located between these two areas. In the world where threats have more opportunities than ever to bypass traditional solutions and sneak in, where 70% of attacks come from an internal network, this approach is not enough anymore. How do you secure your systems and data from sophisticated, ever changing threats that are undetectable by traditional solutions?

dashboard_ADS-(1)The answer to this challenge recommended by respected authorities such as Gartner is a proactive detection and mitigation of network anomalies and undesirable behavior. This is provided by network monitoring solutions equipped with powerful artificial intelligence called Network Behavior Anomaly Detection. NBAD solutions permanently observe network traffic, analyzing communication to seek anomalies and reveal suspicious behavior. This enables a response to yet unknown security threats undetectable by other technologies.

NBAD delivers advanced technology to:

  • Have a detailed awareness of what is happening in the network.
  • Utilize network traffic statistics exported by routers/switches or network probes (NetFlow, jFlow, IPFIX, NetStream and other flow data standards) to detect malicious behavior.
  • Complete the security circle by a complementary solution for detecting advanced threats bypassing traditional solutions, e.g. targeted attacks, botnets, unknown malware, insider threats -data leakage, etc.
  • Streamline network operations by the automatic detection of anomalies and operational issues.

DDoS protection for high-speed networks

In the world of application-driven business, DDoS attacks have become an especially worrisome tool of cybercriminals. When anyone can launch DDoS for a few bucks, it is not surprising that they are growing in numbers, frequency and scale rapidly. How to keep important systems always available for business? By using modern flow monitoring technology and fighting DDoS as close to the attack source as possible. In the backbones.


Flow-based DDoS detection and mitigation for ISPs and datacenters

Many new threats have appeared during the past few years. But the number one concern for companies all around the world has prevailed – brute-force volumetric attacks. Attacks are still increasing in magnitude leaving organizations unarmed and seeking help. How to face a 100G size attack when no organization has the capacity to absorb that? What should be done?

The most effective answer to this challenge is to stop DDoS before it reaches its goal and overloads the target application. Therefore Internet Service Providers and backbone operators strengthen their networks by advanced DDoS detection and mitigation capabilities.

Such solutions are based on the utilization of network traffic statistics and absolute network visibility that deliver:

  • fast, efficient and an easy-to-use way of attack detection,
  • appropriate attack characteristics to mitigate an ongoing attack,
  • advanced utilization of always true network flow-data statistics (NetFlow, IPFIX) from routers or dedicated network probes,
  • enough information to decrease the impact of DDoS, avoid damaging reputation and financial losses.

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