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gateprotect AG Germany is a leading manufacturer of IT security solutions for networks and focuses on firewall systems, xUTM appliances, network management systems and VPN clients.


itsmig_480x250_0Easy to operate, effective to manage and honored with multiple awards. gateprotect security solutions and next generation UTM firewalls are technologically mature, reliable and innovative IT security products “Made in Germany“.

gateprotect solutions combine state of the art security and network features such as firewalls, bridging, VLAN, single sign-on, traffic shaping, QoS, IPSec/SSL (X.509), IDS/IPS, web filters, virus filters, real-time spam detection and HTTPS proxy in one system.

Apart from the high-level of technology, all 
gateprotect products have a special feature: their uniquely ergonomic operability. gateprotect is the only manufacturer in the world which implements the ISO norm 9241 guidelines consistently in all their systems.

eGUI-Würfel5_EN_960x500With the unique and patented eGUI® (ergonomic graphic user interface) technology and the new “Command Center”, gateprotect has set a new standard in the configuration and management of firewall systems. The new eGUI® technology delivers a significant improvement to effective corporate IT security and at the same time makes routine system maintenance much more efficient. As a result, gateprotect customers make noticeable savings on operating costs.

With “Completendpoint_infografik_0e Security“, gateprotect is offering a solution for comprehensive protection of networks and endpoints. The innovative, easy-to-use complete solution combines the innovative security features of the gateprotect Next Generation Firewall appliances with the effective endpoint protection of webroot SecureAnywhere. The result: Perfect malware protection and data security for all devices in real time – anywhere and at any time.

Next Generation Firewall Network Protector, the turnkey solution for all network security requirements.  gateprotect-NP revolutionizes the concept of next-generation firewalls by using our unique full-validation whitelisting to ensure maximum network security.Its general operation can be compared to x-ray scanners used at airports. No single unknown item is allowed through the security checkpoint, instead each and every item has to be positively identified.

gateprotect uses a novel technology to achieve the same for a company’s network. Every single network transaction is analyzed down to the application and content level. Only transmissions that are fully understood and validated are allowed to pass. Everything else is blocked from entering or leaving the network, thus not only securing the network from outside attacks, but also providing highly effective data loss prevention.gat-np-l-800_0

With the gateprotect W-LAN module, all appliances of the gateprotect GPO series may be quickly and easily upgraded to form a W-LAN access point. W-LAN networks, IP addresses, DHCP range and UA users may be administered without any problems by just a few clicks. All UTM functions, VPN connections as well as reporting and monitoring may also be used via W-LAN with the new module. Especially small office networks, branch offices and home offices thus benefit from the innovative user-friendly all-round protection of their networks.

Gintel represents gateprotect products for sales, distribution and technical support to the channels and customer in the Caribbean, Central America and Andean Region of South America.